Thursday, July 31, 2014

No-Sew DIY T-shirts

I  found these easy no-sew 
D.I.Y T-shirt 
ideas on Pinterest 
So my daughters and I
gathered some old t-shirts
and created fun new shirts!

Here's How:

The first one is super simple
Just cut off the collar
and the cuffs of both sleeves.
Then cut a slit from top of the sleeve 
from the shoulder down.
Now take the cuffs 
and cut off the stitching.
Use the cuffs 
as string for the bows.
Pinch the top of the shoulder and the neck
and cinch it together in a bow.
Like this:

Next was my oldest daughter's
school t-shirt, 
which she wears as a
night shirt since it's a 
little too big.
But not anymore!

I started by cutting off the sleeves
in half oval shapes
creating a tank top.
Then I cut in triangles 
on each sides of the back.
Next I took some extra pieces
from a tank that I cut
(not pictured)
and tied bows 
around the middle of the back
and the shoulders.
Now she has a fun summer tank
which I think would 
be great as a swim suit cover!

For my youngest,
who is a little bit of a spitfire,
I decided to try the fringe bottom.
So I did everything 
exactly the same as the first t-shirt
but then I took it a step further
by cutting slits up the 
bottom of the shirt 
all the way around.
She loves her new fringe shirt
and the best part about it is 
this t-shirt had a hole at the bottom 
of the sleeve which is now gone!

This was a super fun and easy project.
For the first round we used old t-shirts that we 
didn't really care too much about.
Next I am going to try this
with some of my (mens) vintage comic book 
t-shirts to give them a "girly" look.
Will post more on that later.